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Publications and prepublications (Listed anti-chronologically according to their first version uploaded to arXiv)

  1. Giuseppe Ancona, Mattia Cavicchi, Robert Laterveer, Giulia Saccà, Relative and absolute Lefschetz standard conjectures for some Lagrangian fibrations, 2023.
  2. Ivan Rosas Soto, Abelian categories of Artin étale Motives with integral coefficients, 2022, HAL Id: à paraître.
  3. Raphaël Ruimy, Hodge structures through an étale motivic point of view, 2022, HAL Id: à paraître.
  4. Frédéric Déglise, Niels Feld and Fangzhou Jin, Perverse homotopy heart and MW-modules, HAL Id: hal-03890996, version 1.
  5. Clémentine Lemarié-Rieusset, The quadratic linking degree, 2022, HAL Id: hal-03821736, version 1.
  6. François Brunault, On the K4 group of modular curves, 2022, HAL Id: ensl-03012466, version 2.
  7. Raphaël Ruimy, Artin perverse sheaves, 2022, HAL Id: hal-03669896, version 1.
  8. Frédéric Déglise, Adrien Dubouloz and Paul Arne Østvær, Punctured tubular neighborhoods and stable homotopy at infinity, HAL Id: hal-03687862, version 1.
  9. François Brunault, Antonin Guilloux, Mahya Mehrabdollahei, Riccardo Pengo, Limits of Mahler measures in multiple variables, HAL Id: hal-03615999, version 1. À paraître: Annales de l'Institut Fourier, 2023.
  10. Aravind Asok, Adrien Dubouloz and Paul Arne Østvær, Geometric models for algebraic suspensions.
  11. David Coulette, Frédéric Déglise, Jean Fasel and Jens Hornbostel, Formal ternary laws and Buchstaber's 2-groups, HAL Id: hal-03470551, version 1.
  12. Mattia Cavicchi, Frédéric Déglise and Johannes Nagel, Motivic decompositions of families with Tate fibers: smooth and singular cases, International Mathematics Research Notices, 2022